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With our small business footprint, we are capable of true one on one interaction with you and your project. Expectations can still be high even when you budget is low. You might be surprised how much we can do with limited time and resources.
Contact us for details.
…We pride ourselves on keeping you “in the mix” by providing updated quicktime and .wav files of our progress via digital delivery as your project nears completion. If adjustments need to be made, we can do them even more quickly than a traditional studio.
Ninety percent of our work is done in project and home studios, which is advantageous for keeping cost low, but limits our time in the studio for spotting and playback. This may seem limiting compared to a traditional studio, but never fear because…
who we are :
A co-op of audio professionals in Hollywood, CA, dedicated to the advancement of professional audio work.
contact us :
PO Box 800144, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0144
Telephone: (818) 561-7711
Email: services@newimagesound.com
what we do :
Full compass sound work for Indie Filmmakers, Television Broadcast, Web Delivery, and New Media Content.
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